MFT 350ip3 Friction Feeder

General Information:

The Multifeeder ip3 category, Industrial Performance (ip) provides superior high performance and quality in a friction feeder machine. Standard features of the ip3 friction feeders include batch count software and double detection. All ip3 feeders have self- contained computer/microprocessor controllers providing ease of use and versatility in product feeding. An infrared sensor comes with all ip3 feeders for product overlap, but the proprietary “Double Detect Sensor” for true double detection and guarantee correct count is only available on the ip3, and HCP. Designed with a powerful 750 watt one horsepower (optional 1000 watt available) brushless servo motor, computer controller, five different discharge lengths available, plus flexible and open discharge options, makes our friction feeders an industry leader. All of this makes our friction feeders extremely strong and robust for the most demanding applications, with the reliability to provide years of uninterrupted service.

The 350ip3 Friction Feeder machine feeds up to 300mm wide products and is a powerful workhorse friction feeder that provides more width for more common and larger product feeding. An advantage with the 350ip3 is a larger working area over the discharge for added accessories, ideal for tipping and affixing, labeling and other product systems. When large/medium/small products are needed to feed at high-performance specifications, then the 350ip3 is your best choice.

MFT 350ip3 Typical Products that feed:

Feeds all the same products as the 250ip3, plus these:

  • Large/medium/small size cartons
  • Copy or carbon paper
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Larger pouches or clear bags
  • Bundled product wraps
  • Magazines
  • Large dividers
  • Envelopes
  • Cardboard easels
  • Calendars
  • X-Ray film
  • Folded bags
  • Zippered bags
  • Folders
  • Shooting targets
  • Mail packs
  • Medical pouches
  • Large sheets or cardstock
  • And much more…

MFT 350ip3 Typical Friction Feeder Applications:

  • Tipping or affixing onto a product
  • High-Speed Feeding
  • Batch Count
  • Collating
  • Labeling
  • Printing, inspecting and rejecting
  • Integrating an Automatic Product Loader (APL)
  • Integrated as a base feeder to another application


  • Minimum product size: 20mm(W) x 20mm(L)
  • Maximum product size: 300mm(W)
  • Minimum product thickness: 0.075mm
  • Maximum product thickness: 25mm
  • Maximum belt speed: 200 meters/min*
  • Operating temperature: 10-35 Degrees C [50-95 Degrees F]
  • Power requirements: 110/220 volts 50-60 HZ max 6 amps
  • Total unit weight: 70 – 125 lb**
  • Product magazine: 750mm
  • Feeder discharge: Five standard lengths

*140 meters/min without high performance upgrade

**Dependent on configuration


Standard Features:

  • Portable unit: Self-contained unit with only one electrical enclosure
  • Computer controlled: Computer control provides thousands of control calculations per second for precise start, stop, watch dog and multiple product detection
  • Easy interface: Standard signals available for easy interface with existing computer, PLC or other host machinery
  • Production log: Automatically stores your production history in the feeder’s computer with production count, and fault logging with time, date and type of fault
  • Intuitive user interface: Custom 34-key sealed membrane key pad with 4 x 40 character LCD display
  • User-friendly changeover: Easy and accurate changeover with twist lock handles
  • Ruggedly built: Hardened stainless steel shafts and sealed bearings for maximum life and 24-hour a day operation
  • Quick belt replacement: Three piece shaft assemblies for quick maintenance
  • Pre-select counter: Standard pre-select product count (1-999 per cycle)
  • Optically isolated signals: All interface signals isolated for accuracy
  • Built for harsh environments: Stainless steel shafts, sealed for life ball bearings, surface protected state of the art drive components and sealed durable carbon composite enclosures to protect internal parts
  • One year warranty: One year warranty on parts and labor
  • Software Lockout Function Option: Allows user to lock out some or all feeder functions for simplicity for the operator
  • Advanced Error Control: Multiple Product Detection (MPD), Watch Dog Product Jam Detection (WD-PJD), and Watch Dog No Product Detection (WD-NPD)


  • Three-color signal light: Green = ready, Yellow = low product, Red = fault
  • Automatic Product Loader
  • Automatic Drop Table
  • Remote Key Pad
  • Static Reduction System
  • Tall Product Magazine
  • Portable Stand
  • Catch Tray
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Deskjet Printer
  • Integrated Gluer Control
  • AccuTipping (up to 500 products per minute, up to +- 1/32nd of an inch accuracy)
  • AccuTipping Repeat
  • Encoder Timing Compensation
  • Encoder Speed Match
  • Serial Control
  • Reject on Error
  • Washdown Capability
  • Flexible discharge
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Our call center answers all your questions 24/7.
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This site has been prepared by RD MEDYA and all rights are reserved.

This site has been prepared by RD MEDYA and all rights are reserved.